“Why”- it may seem like a small word but it can change the way you do everything. It has the power to motivate, keep you on track and give you repeatable sustainable results.

Success is most cases is not an overnight one track journey, its much more. Its days, sometimes months and sometimes even years of dedication and hardwork and its never a highway. Success is defined as the achievement of a goal. It is the sole reason that there are team, strategy or brainstorming meetings. All these meetings help you define the goal to show you what success would look like once the goal is accomplished.

It is not wrong to say that no goal is set with the intention of failure. Having said that why do goals fail? It is not the goal that fails but the driving factor behind them that fails, it’s the consistency that fails and it’s the execution that fails. Goals when set out on a white board have a very long time frame from the start to the finish line. Goals take time to execute and hence success takes time to be seen. What is evitable is the death of a goal mid route, completion of a goal without the highest level of quality and the collapse of engagement. The one key factor behind making every goal achievable is always having the why power at the centre. The people with the why power in an organisation are usually the top performers.

Every goal has a why, there is a good and strong reason that a goal is initiated and that reason is your why power. The why is the fuel that powers the goal.When the road to success is not short and lack of clarity makes you second guess yourself its easy to give up but its at that point that the why matters the most. Just one simple question of “Why did you start ?” will pull everything together like one missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle. Take a very simple example of Jessica. Jessica works a 9 to 5 desk job and has made it her resolution to lose weight by incorporating a run prior to the start of her day. She was successful and enthusiastic for the first 10 days but then there was muscle soreness and tiredness which made her want to give up.It was here that she incorporated the power of why. Why did she start running at all ? She wanted to lose weight, become healthier and lead a more active lifestyle. Once she had the power of the why she began syncing her activities to her why. She slept an hour earlier, began eating more nourishing foods and went for a run consistently. It was not overnight that Jessica lost her weight or became healthy. But what made it possible to achieve that result over a period of time was the power of the why.Why she started. It is possible to have success no matter how impossible it may seem if you have a strong enough why. The why will make you find a path even when you see a boulder. The only block between you and your results is a why?