Nowadays companies are emphasizing on Learning and Development for their employees. If we take a look at the Annual Report of any company, there will be a mention of what type of training and learning and development program the company has for their employees. Organizations have realized the importance of these programs which help their employees enhance both their technical and soft skill sets.

Gone are the days when the job of HR was limited to train an individual, now they have to look at facilitating learning for the entire organization. Learning and Development is usually incorporated into the HR function, but currently many organizations have a separate Learning and Development division, and the whole focus of the division is to enhance the capability of the employees in the company. In the competitive corporate world, it has become an essential criteria for employees to keep updating and expanding their skills and leveragethe skills they have learned to keep pace with the ever-changing demand of their career requirements.

The employees of the organization which have a full-fledged and active learning and development program are motivated, and they feel they are valued by their organization, as the company is putting in money and efforts in upgrading their skill sets. These enhancements of skills sets - soft skills or technical skills - will help the employees to do their job in a more effective manner as well as enhance their productivity as the employers are giving them an opportunity for continuouslearning.

One of the key reasons employees leave their job is that their companies haven't provided them with enough opportunity to learn and grow in their professional capacity. An organization like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been focussing on internal talent development and has made a large investment in digital learning platforms for employees to obtain new skills which will help them to stay abreast with ever-evolving skills. These investments in training are one of the contributing factors that have ensured best in class employee retention rates in the company.

Most of the organizations have realize how to uselearning and development to their advantage to accomplish their goals. So, the organizations design their training and development programs in alignment with the corporate goals for a specific period. By planning this way, the company develops the right skill sets which would help them to achieve their growth objective during the long run.

In today's time, learning and development training has become an inevitable part of professional as well as personal life. It is necessary for every individual to see to it that their skills are not getting obsolete and redundant; they should be proactive in learningnew technologies or other proficiencies which would enhance their skill set, build their value to the organizationand would give them an added advantage over others. Fortunately, in today's time organizations are realizing this and are working towards making the company a place where learning and development are encouraged.