As a leader it is often believed that there is an unsaid expectation to have all the answers to all the questions and the solution to all the problems. An effective leader's execution is to enable the team to independently make significant contributions to the high impact goals of the organization.

Leaders that leave behind legacies are the ones who enable independent accountability and result delivery in each of their team members. When there is micro-management and lack of creative space to come up with your own solutions it breeds a culture of only getting done as much as expected. There is within such teams a lack of proactivity, accountability and engagement.

There are a few rudimentary steps that can enable you to start the engine of creating a team that is enthusiastic to perform, cross the delivery expectations and display proactive collaboration.


When it comes to the high impact goals of the organisation, it’s important that there is pristine articulation of what the goal is, why it’s being defined as a priority and how each individual's contribution is vital to the seamless accomplishment.

It is only when every member playing into the goal knows the stakes does it drive involvement. When there is a clear sight of what victory looks like at the finish line does it make the teams function from an approach of performance enhancement and execution excellence.


Once there is complete clarity on the goal and the impact it has on the overall organisations mission and vision, its becomes critical for every individual playing to understand how their valuable contribution impacts the failure or success of the goal.

It’s of paramount importance to exhibit clarity in what the goal is, what the start and finish look like and how every individual's accomplishment will impact the result of the overall company goal.

To create certainty in the results being achieved, there is a simple equation that when applied correctly reaps results seamlessly. It’s the X to Y and by when formula. Broken down, it gives each team member a start point (X), an end point (Y) and the time span (by when). It is then that the individual team members break their big goals into smaller measurable goals in the duration of quarters, months and weeks.


Celebrating victories even the small ones are of extreme importance. When the victories are celebrated the team knows that their contribution is unique and valuable. It gives encouragement and highlights the importance of the task having being achieved with excellence. The image projected is that of each team member conquering their own battles whose victories play into the victories of the high impact goals of the organisation.

When an individual feels valued and recognised it makes them instinctively want to do more and perform beyond the limits of their assigned goals.