The constant principle for sustainable growth

It is the time of the year when we do go back and reflect on how far we have come and where we want to go.

None of us are perfect but we are on a journey, striving to be the best possible version of ourselves.

The challenges maybe different, the goal maybe different and the situation maybe different but there is only one constant way to make effective change in any area of life. There is just one guiding principle for sustainable effective change and that is to change our perceptions.

Perceptions are the lenses through which we see the world. They are born out of our past expereinces and learnings. The way we see things through our perceptions is what ultimately guides our behaviors and judgements. The way we behave communicates far more strongly than any words that we can use.

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Employee Loyalty Before Customer Loyalty

Today’s global economy is influenced to a large degree by a constantly changing consumer dynamic. In the midst of such uncertainty it’s becoming harder to retain the backing of your loyal customers.

First, win the hearts of the people serving your customers. When strategically including the dimension of customer loyalty, it’s critical to begin from your internal employees which will then spread to your customers. More than 70% of what makes a customer experience great is based on the behaviour of frontline employees. If they are enthusiastic promoters of your organization, your customers are a lot more likely to be promoters too.

How does winning over your employees help you gain loyal consumer?

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Stretching beyond your comfort zone

Playing safe in today’s competitive and accelerated world is a recipe for static or downwards growth. The path of taking risks and stretching beyond our comfort zones is the only way to reap results so that we can uncover new ways to improve processes, and develop products and services. It also helps us become more self-confident and more engaged and grow as individuals.

Stretching in the simplest terms is diving into your area/s of discomfort. These are spots that we find challenging or have limited knowledge about. Therefore, stretching into those particular spots results in immediate reluctance from the brain because it requires going beyond the boundaries of what we know or are comfortable doing. Stretching to our maximum potential is something the majority of us find difficult to embrace.

An effective leader knows how to work with the ingredient of creating the right amount of stretch to drive results. When creating and moving towards stretching yourself it is important to see yourself in terms of

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Results are your trust report card!

The fast track to developing and building trust is delivering results. Without results, you’re just going to be “all show and no go”. Results matter! It is the only element that glorifies your credibility and classifies you as a performer and producer.

You may have the perfect strategies and intentions but if at the finish line you don’t have results, they convert from perfect to failed strategies. On the other hand, if you deliver results that leave a significant impression on the overall face of the company your trust will sky rocket.

It doesn’t have to necessarily be at the two extremes of the spectrum. Every result in the positive direction takes you one step higher on the trust ladder and every result in the negative direction

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We Are Suffering From A Personal Energy Crisis

Energy management is not purely connected to physical energy but even embraces mental energy. In a knowledge worker era we require our brains to function to the maximum. To maintain a healthy functioning brain it requires the effective management of personal energy.

Lets put this into perspective though an example. Emily is a working professional for a large multinational firm. She had decided on a particular day to begin her day with a session of yoga from the following day. She had a late night from sorting out e-mails and attending to calls. But as per her schedule she woke up in time for that yoga class that she had decided to go to. The first thing she does is checks her phone and with the inflow of e-mails decides to dedicate a few minutes to check for any urgencies. In the process of sorting

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3P’S of Value calling

Speed, efficiency and accuracy is everything in today’s tech-driven economy. Deals are sold at the click of a button, therefore making every touch point of interaction with the client critical right from the first call is essential. The only way to sustain your client’s attention is to draw attention towards what matters most and provides value to them.

How do you ensure your call is going to drive value to both you and your client?

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Strategy Make Way for Execution

You have probably noticed the abundance of books and articles focused on business strategy. In each, the author professes how to make your business more successful through numerous models/rules/steps.

Have you ever wondered why there aren’t as many materials focused on business execution? Isn’t it just as important to quickly and reliably implement your business strategy as it is to develop it?

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